Welcome to Esparza Tech!

Here we will discuss the latest trends in Web Design, Animation, and 3D Modeling. It might seem like a boring topic but believe us, not at all.


Whether you like PHP coding or a simple drag-and-drop solution like Wix, we have the right solution for you. Web design enthusiasts are welcome, though.


We can help you hone your 3D skills with our 3D classes and even with private tutoring if needed.


This website was created as space where we can share and express our ideas about this fascinating topic. See how our advancements in animation has helped this local junk removal Cambridge MA company store more in their trucks!


We have witnessed all the evolutions in this field since 20 years and it’s really mind-blowing what you can do nowadays with a computer, the right software and the right knowledge. Possibilities are endless and our goal is to grow further and master more skills as time passes. We would be delighted if you could join us on this incredible trip to computer science mastery!

If you’re looking to make a career then there is a massive market opening up for this industry. We have students graduating high school to sign deals with local companies to do the website designs we teach in this class.

When it comes to 3D modeling we teach until you’re career ready. We understand that this course is a college level course. While it’s being taught in a high school we still dedicated to producing results for our students that take this class.

We have students graduate our course to go on and de 3D modeling for termite control research groups. You can be sure that a career can be made in our class room.